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Aleale Specialty Coffee

Kopi Spesialti ALEALE 
(Aleale Specialty Coffee)

Goldenways Coffee has been registered at the U.S. FDA
Regards aleale.  Herewith I may inform you that the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has provided confirmation today 27 December 2012 that the Goldenways Coffee has been registered at FDA.  Goldenways Coffee belonging to me is a small company underwhich I will send the coffee (roasted coffee bean and ground coffee) to the USA. My representative in North America is Mr. Ranap Siagian. We provide the world's best tasty, healthy and fragrance coffee to you. The profit will be used to help poor farmers of coffee. Wish us luck.
The coffee I sell: - Aleale Specialty Coffee (Arabica) and Sirambumas Specialty Coffee (Robusta).   - Luwak Coffee (Arabica). - Peaberry Luwak Coffee (Arabica).
 Note: - Minimum order for export is only 21 kg.  The coffee wil be sended through Air Cargo. - Minimum Order in Indonesia is 250 gram.
Salam aleale.  Izinkan saya memberitahukan bahwa Pemeri…

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